Hustle at Home - Weekly Printable Planner - Iconic Style Inc
Hustle at Home - Weekly Printable Planner - Iconic Style Inc
Hustle at Home - Weekly Printable Planner - Iconic Style Inc

Hustle at Home - Weekly Printable Planner

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When working remotely, it's essential to create a schedule and routine for productivity and focus. Take control of your week and get more done with our fun to use Hustle at Home Weekly Printable Planner. 

Set daily, weekly and 90 day goals to achieve success in every area of your life.

If you are looking to become more organized, motivated and on top of your tasks, then this resource is for you.

Work from Home Tips

1. Setup an inspiring space at home where you can focus. Clear the clutter, sit in a comfortable chair.

2. Plan your to do list and time block your day. Cross off tasks as you complete them.

3. Take regular breaks, stretch and move your body.

4. Eat a healthy breakfast and stay hydrated through your day.

5. Create a morning routine, wake up before your work start time. Take some peaceful time to yourself: pray/meditate/journal. Visualize the day ahead being successful for you. 

Are you working on an important project, attending virtual meetings and trainings, or keeping up with deadlines? Download this planner today to maximize your efficiency and hit your goals.

This 7 page PDF can be printed or used on PC, MAC, iPhone/iPad or Android device. 

This planner is an instant digital download directly to your email upon purchase.

About the Creator:

Cydney McMillon (Master of Education, Instructional Technology) is an Information Technology Analyst , Success Life Coach and Founder of women's brand Iconic Style Inc: which specializes in style and success.

Cydney is the author of newly released e-book: “Dress for Success, How to define your personal brand and elevate your lifestyle.” She has also created and published digital planners for women to increase productivity and manage personal finances.

With her technical talents and expertise, Cydney has built a digital corporation with a passion for fashion and a mission for helping women attain success.

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