The Goal Setting Bundle for Women Entrepreneurs

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The Goal Setting Bundle for Women Entrepreneurs!

Digital Downloads designed to help you run your business successfully, improve your mindset, achieve your business goals, plan and organize your days, track your finances plus much more.

If you are an entrepreneur, looking to starting your own business, or a student, this bundle is perfect for you! No matter where you are in you business, these tools can scale your business growth! 

The Goal Setting Bundle includes the 3 files:

The Productivity Planner:(11 pages)

Designed to help women become more organized, motivated, productive and focused in their business,  improve time management and set up a daily schedule and routine for revenue generating and high priority tasks.

Our Digital Productivity Planner is the ultimate goal setting tool.

  • Track your finances, habits, appointments, reading list, water intake, meals, assignments, projects, business objectives, budget, goals and more in one handy place.
  • Structure your day and accomplish your tasks successfully.
  • Jot down your ‘to-do’ list daily, weekly and monthly to get more done in every area of your life.
  • Includes Productivity Tips & Affirmations to help you achieve momentum and greatness in your day.

The Productivity Planner is a proven system for success and a must have for the woman with purpose in work and life. This planner is designed for you to get things done,  stick to better habits and organize your daily life and projects.

The Ultimate Finance Planner:(20 pages)

Our digital Personal Finance planner includes everything you need to monitor your personal / business expenses, grow your savings, set financial goals and get rid of any debt. This planner helps you increase your money management skills and find more money making ideas, opportunities and income.

Create goals for your money and get organized with your finances today because what you track and pay attention to, grows!


  • Monthly Budget
  • Monthly Bills Tracker
  • Expense Tracker
  • Money Goals
  • Saving Challenges
  • Financial Calendar
  • Yearly Overview
  • Debt Snowball
  • Debt Payment Planner
  • Debt Payment Tracker
  • Payoff Planner

Dress for Success E-book: (20 pages)

Personal branding is about your image, your reputation and the way you present yourself to the world. Your presence and how you show up everyday can open so many doors and opportunities for you.

This guide will help you level up in your professional and personal life with success strategies and lifestyle tips that you can put into action today. 

In this e-book and style guide, you will learn how to: 

  • Define Your Personal Brand
  • Find your Signature Style
  • Create a Capsule Wardrobe
  • Set Smart Goals with Goal Setting Worksheet
  • How to Plan Your Morning & Evening Routines
  • Three Keys to Success and Fulfilling Your Purpose
  • Iconic Wardrobe Checklist 
  • Where to Shop for High End Quality Pieces
  • Become more Mindful and Present in your Day
  • Create a Vision Board 
  • Style and Success Tips, Wealth Affirmations, Quotes, and more.


How to Use this Bundle:

This bundle will be sent to your email instantly upon purchase. It contains the 3 PDF documents that can be read straight from your phone, PC, or iPad and can also be used with iBooks and Kindle apps! You can also print this bundle and put the pages into your own Business Binder!

About the Author:

Cydney McMillon (Master of Education, Instructional Technology) is an Information Technology Analyst , Success Life Coach and Founder of beauty brand Iconic Style Inc: which specializes in style and success.

Cydney is the author of newly released e-book: “Dress for Success, How to define your personal brand and elevate your lifestyle.” She has also created and published digital planners for women to increase productivity and manage personal finances.

With her technical talents and expertise, Cydney has built a digital corporation with a passion for fashion and a mission for helping women attain success.

Find out more about the author, her technical journey and background, and how she created her fashion brand here:

Contact us at info@iconicstyleinc for any questions or inquiries.

CEO Fashion Global Brand

Iconic Style Inc Owner & Founder: Cydney McMillon.


Welcome to Iconic Style Inc, your number one source for all things style, fashion and inspiration! We're dedicated to giving you the very best of beauty, with a focus on goal getter tools and chic women accessories to make you stand out from the crowd and achieve the life you desire.


Cydney McMillon (M.A of Instructional Technology) is an award winning entrepreneur, Information Technology Analyst , Success Life Coach, Author and Founder of beauty brand Iconic Style Inc: which specializes in style and success.

Cydney is the author of e-book: “Dress for Success, How to define your personal brand and elevate your lifestyle.” She has also created and published digital ebooks, planners and online courses for women to achieve their goals, boost their confidence, increase productivity and manage their personal finances. 

Cydney has over 12 years of experience in the IT field and has been nationally featured in her Senior role at Lexus as a Regional Technology Specialist. She shares her 6 figure success blueprint in her e-books and online courses.

With faith, hard work and determination, founder: Cydney turned her technical talents and passion for fashion into a booming online boutique and lifestyle brand. She has a mission to impact and inspire women with a flair of style.

Our global brand serves customers worldwide and offers unique, inspirational, iconic pieces and products. Our purpose is to provide affordable luxury accessories, style inspiration, and success tools for women all over the world.  

We hope you enjoy our accessories and products as much as we enjoy offering them to you. If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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