Dress for Success: Elevate Your Lifestyle - Iconic Style Inc.
cydney mcmillon dress for success iconic style inc
Dress for Success: Elevate Your Lifestyle - Iconic Style Inc
cydney mcmillon dress for success
Dress for Success: Elevate Your Lifestyle - Iconic Style Inc.
Dress for Success: Elevate Your Lifestyle - Iconic Style Inc
Dress for Success: Elevate Your Lifestyle - Iconic Style Inc
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Dress for Success: Elevate Your Lifestyle - Iconic Style Inc

Dress for Success: Elevate Your Lifestyle

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Become An Ultra-High Achiever In Work And In Life

(…And Look The Part, Too!)

Dress for Success: Elevate Your Lifestyle is your blueprint for developing yourself.


  • You’ll cultivate an unshakeable, confident presence in every professional endeavor.
  • You’ll harness your habits to work for you instead of against you.
  • You’ll discover how to set lofty, breathtaking goals... and internalize the 3 keys to crushing through them.


  • You’ll reimagine and refine your personal brand in a way that feels authentic, persuasive and unique.
  • You’ll modernize your wardrobe in a way that turns heads in a positive, professional way.
  • You’ll get a litany of untold insider tips on where to shop and how to find insanely affordable deals.
  • You’ll create a timeless yet simple “capsule wardrobe” so you NEVER have to stress about what to wear again for any occasion!

If you’re short on time, motivation, or even money, Dress for Success: Elevate Your Lifestyle is an inspiring guide that will electrify you with motivation, declutter your life, and invigorate your personal brand.

Inside the E-Book: 

  • Define Your Personal Brand
  • Find your Signature Style
  • Create a Capsule Wardrobe
  • Increase Your Confidence
  • Set Smart Goals with Goal Setting Worksheet
  • How to Plan Your Morning & Evening Routines
  • Three Keys to Success and Fulfilling Your Purpose
  • Iconic Closet Checklist 
  • Where to Shop for High End Quality Pieces
  • Become more Mindful and Present in your Day
  • Create a Vision Board
  • Style and Success Tips, Wealth Affirmations, Quotes, and more.
This guide is for any woman who wants to become their best self, upgrade their lifestyle, improve their image, achieve their goals, increase their confidence and finances and reach a new level of success.  

The "Dress For Success" ebook includes guided worksheets, checklists and goal setting strategies to motivate and inspire you to grow and make progress by leaps and bounds in both, your personal and professional life.

This e-book will be emailed to you instantly upon purchase. It can be read straight from your phone, PC, or iPad and can also be used with iBooks and Kindle apps! 

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About the Author:

Cydney McMillon is a Success Life Coach, an Author, and an Information Technology Analyst. She is the Founder of the beauty brand Iconic Style Inc. Since the age of 5, Cydney had been an avid reader with immense love for books which gradually expanded her horizon of knowledge in different domains. It goes without saying that she has a remarkable educational background with a Bachelors degree in Media Communication and Information Technology and a Master’s degree in Instructional Technology.


Cydney McMillon is the author of the e-book “Dress for Success: How to Define Your Personal Brand and Elevate Your Lifestyle,” which encourages women towards a path of success while flaunting their style. She published digital planners for women with tips and practices to enhance their productivity and proficiently manage personal finances. Each of Cydney's books reflects the precise blueprint of self-development, confidence, and strategies to inspire and impact women to make a difference in the world. She believes in being stylish and skilled to create her own lane towards her dreams.

Find out more about the author, her technical journey and background, and how she created her fashion brand here: 


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Welcome to Iconic Style Inc, your number one source for all things style, fashion and inspiration! We're dedicated to giving you the very best of beauty, with a focus on goal getter tools and chic women accessories to make you stand out from the crowd and achieve the life you desire.


Cydney McMillon (M.A of Instructional Technology) is an award winning entrepreneur, Information Technology Analyst , Success Life Coach, Author and Founder of beauty brand Iconic Style Inc: iconicstyleinc.com which specializes in style and success.

Cydney is the author of e-book: “Dress for Success, How to define your personal brand and elevate your lifestyle.” She has also created and published digital ebooks, planners and online courses for women to achieve their goals, boost their confidence, increase productivity and manage their personal finances. 

Cydney has over 12 years of experience in the IT field and has been nationally featured in her Senior role at Lexus as a Regional Technology Specialist. She shares her 6 figure success blueprint in her e-books and online courses.

With faith, hard work and determination, founder: Cydney turned her technical talents and passion for fashion into a booming online boutique and lifestyle brand. She has a mission to impact and inspire women with a flair of style.

Our global brand serves customers worldwide and offers unique, inspirational, iconic pieces and products. Our purpose is to provide affordable luxury accessories, style inspiration, and success tools for women all over the world.  

We hope you enjoy our accessories and products as much as we enjoy offering them to you. If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Cydney, CEO

Read more about Cydney and her journey here on Medium : https://medium.com/the-inception/success-story-cydney-mcmillion-on-being-a-woman-in-tech-creating-a-high-end-fashion-brand-2adbeaf64c0a

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