Create Your Business Plan - Template & Workbook - Iconic Style Inc.
Create Your Business Plan Template - Iconic Style Inc
Create Your Business Plan - Iconic Style Inc.
Create Your Business Plan - Template & Workbook - Iconic Style Inc.

Create Your Business Plan - Template & Workbook

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Whether you are just starting your business, growing your business, brainstorming ideas or looking for funding and grants, creating a business plan is the foundation for success as you document the key elements of your business and set business goals.

The right business plan can bring the perfect business partners, investors, brand partnerships, campaigns and opportunities for your business!

Creating a business plan doesn't have to be time consuming or confusing. This Business Plan Template & workbook will help you create your business plan, step by step quickly and efficiently. 

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A successful business plan includes:

  • One Page Marketing Plan - how to market your business
  • Executive summary -- a snapshot of your business
  • Company description -- describes what you do
  • Market analysis - research on your industry, market and competitors
  • Organization and management -- your business and management structure
  • Service or product -- the products or services you’re offering
  • Marketing and sales -- how you’ll market your business and your sales strategy
  • Funding request -- how much money you’ll need for next 3 to 5 years
  • Financial projections -- supply information like balance sheets

    Download this business plan template today to start building the business of your dreams, easily!

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