How to Have Your Best Year Yet

2020 marks the start of a new year and a new decade! Don't you just love a fresh start? We do!  Whether you are into resolutions or not, setting your goals and intentions for the new year and beyond is important. We have some tips and strategies that you can start now to make 2020 your best year yet!

Forming New Habits & Goal Setting

What new habits can you form to become your best self this year? See the following examples of new habits to form or stick to!

  • Wake up an hour earlier
  • Read more books this year
  • Implement a fitness and nutrition regime
  • Stop procrastinating and focus more on priorities 
  • Become more organized

Forming new habits require focus and discipline. Here are some productivity tips for starting new routines and new habits.

  • Have a to do list and check off as you go daily.
  • Plan your day the night before
  • Limit time on social media / TV
  • Focus on what brings you the best results and revenue generating activities.


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Break down your yearly goals into 7 categories (or more if you wish):

  1. Spiritual Goals
  2. Career Goals
  3. Finance Goals
  4. Family Goals
  5. Relationship Goals
  6. Personal Development Goals
  7. Fitness Goals

Create action items each month for each category of goals.

Here are some things to think about as you set your goals:

  • What skills do you want to learn this year?
  • What trips do you want to take?
  • How will you practice self-care in 2020? 

For Self Care tips, check out this blog post.

  • How will you volunteer, give back, and share your gifts this year?
  • How will you treat yourself and celebrate your achieved goal? Take a trip, enjoy a spa day, treat your self to a purchase you have been eyeing.
  • How will you earn more money this year? 
  • How will you budget and manage your money better?

Check out the saving plan below to start/grow your savings account & emergency fund. You can even use this plan to save up for a nice vacation or down payment on a new home.

Do you want to start a new career / start a business in 2020?

Career Tips: Update your resume and profile on Linked In , attend networking events, research the industry of the career / field you are interested in. Look into a mentor or hire a coach. 

Business tips: What kind of business do you want to start? What are you already good at/interested in? What resources do you need to get started: inventory, services, logo, website, social media, etc. What is your mission or "why" for this business? How will it help others, how will you stand apart in this industry? How much money do you need to start? How will you advertise and market your new business?

Now that you have created your goals and new habits, hold yourself accountable to achieve them.

Print this out and post it somewhere so that you can see your goals daily.

Find an accountability partner to share goals and progress with or check in with yourself monthly to see how you are doing.

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No matter your profession or title, the way that you present yourself to others can propel your lifestyle. You represent your personal brand. Establish and cultivate your personal brand to communicate your unique identity and attain success.

- Cydney McMillon

Make a point to put some focus on your personal brand this year. Your personal brand is how you show up in the world, your reputation and the impression you make on others.

Personal branding offers so many benefits to a person's career and life. It helps in building confidence while gaining trust, authenticity, and credibility.

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The "Dress For Success" ebook includes guided worksheets, checklists and goal setting mechanisms to motivate you and help you grow to make progress by leaps and bounds in both, your personal and professional life.

This resource includes key success strategies and lifestyle  tips that you can put into action today.

In this e-book and style guide, you will learn how to: 
  • Define Your Personal Brand
  • Find your Signature Style
  • Create a Capsule Wardrobe
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  • How to Plan Your Morning & Evening Routines
  • Three Keys to Success and Fulfilling Your Purpose
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  • Where to Shop for High End Quality Pieces
  • Become more Mindful and Present in your Day
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  • Create a Vision Board 
  • Style and Success Tips, Affirmations, Quotes, and more.

Are you ready to level up in your career / business plus upgrade your style and wardrobe? This is for you!

Lets make 2020 our best year ever!

Cydney McMillon CEO , author, life coach & technical trendsetter based in Chicago, IL

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