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When traveling, people like to wear comfortable clothes, but that doesn’t mean you should slack on fashion. For people who follow fashion every minute of the day, it’s easy to effortlessly style their airport outfit with comfort as well as style. However, there are many who need more than just inspiration. Taking a leaf out of the fashion books and Our CEO's travel looks, we have the best fashion pieces for you to wear while you travel.

The bag that you carry is the most important part of your airport fashion. It makes or breaks your airport outfit. A tote bag is your best shot. The all in one bag looks stylish, is in fashion and also the perfect accessory that will enable you to keep all your stuff in one place

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This Travel Tote organizer is perfect for your next trip or just to organize your designer tote bag! You have enough space to store your makeup and cosmetic accessories, lipstick, lip gloss, makeup brushes, eye-shadow, makeup palettes, hairbrushes, skin care products, nail polish, and more. Pack your cell and electronic accessories, and you are good to go! Tired of digging in your tote for your phone and sunglasses? This organizer is for you!

Travel Tote Organizer

All airports are chilled beyond the human body’s tolerance. So, if you have a long wait at the airport between flights either be prepared to freeze or wear layers. There are many options of layering; you need something that will not only keep you warm and comfortable but also in style. You can take your pick between a stylish scarf and a jacket for your airport layering. Don't forget cute sunnies if you're going somewhere sunny and warm!

iconic style ceo luxury travel blog

 Fashion and comfort don’t always go hand in hand. This is the sole reason why, while traveling, you need to find clothes that aren’t only fashionable but also comfortable to help you through your long flight. If you want to go for ultra style and wear heels, wear boots or heels with a square heel.

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Get Fit for your next trip!

Our Iconic accessories are bound to make your airport fashion accelerate:

On the Go Leather Women's Tote

Travel Portable Mini Eye Makeup Brushes

Safe Travels!

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