2019 Summer Fashion Trends


2019 Summer Fashion Trends

It’s that time again!  Summer is finally here and there’s always something fresh or repurposed on the fashion forefront.  No matter what your summer social calendar has in store, you’ll be ready to get your wardrobe in line and show off your iconic summer fashion style trends!   So what’s hot for summer 2019?  


Floral patterns seem to be everywhere this summer season!  Florals are the classic quintessential go to item to grab for spring or summer.  Pastel floral blouses have even come into play as they can be paired with jeans or skirts and dressed up or down to work or just for casual wear. 

Iconic Style Inc Fashion Trends Chicago
Chicago, IL
Dubai Fashion Iconic Style Inc


Military casual style khakis have been on trend this summer with masculine accents and neutrals making the runway rounds. Paired with statement accessories such as our COCO VINTAGE STATEMENT EARRINGS  for a clean, fresh and crisp summer statement.

Iconic Style Inc Khaki Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton , Chicago IL

Shimmer & sequins

2019 doesn’t have to be the time to be afraid of sequins or shimmer fabric.  These fabrics can be dressed down with jeans, with fringe skirts or layering pieces.  Think metallic shimmers under light jackets and blazers.  Then sequin/shimmer fabrics are good to showcase for a girls night out , day party, brunch, date or just dinner with a friend.

Miami, FL

Miami, FL

All things lavender

Every year the fashion parade zeros on a couple of colors. This year one of the most loved colors is lavender. This subtle pastel color was seen in dresses, jackets, blouses, and even trench coats. The soft take shade from the violet family is also a great color to wear in summers. It flatters all skin tones and adds a feminine charm to the whole attire. Moreover, lavender is an easy color to pair accessories and other clothes with.
iconic style inc lavender


Puff and shoulder pads were a thing of past; you must have seen your mother or grandmother wearing on in the old photos. If you still have one of those dresses, you are in luck. Since statement shoulders are in, shoulder pads and puffed up sleeves are in huge demand. This retro style is making the modern dresses look like pretty cool hybrids. Stylish yet conventional, these have made many rounds in the recent runways of major brands.


The color wheel this year has many colors in its favorite list. From coral to rose gold to all shades of neon, the color fashion is bursting with playful hues. Even the leather is coming out in all colors available.

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