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Iconic Style Inc Self Care

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Whether it’s a spa day, a bubble bath and glass of wine or just ensuring you get 8 hours of sleep, self care is a necessity for the Iconic Woman.

Self care ensures that you are showing up as your best self everyday, doing your best work, and creating your best life with positive energy and momentum. 

When we are drained, overwhelmed, or overworked, this tends to show up in our careers, our family life and at home. It can even show up in our health, our immune systems, bags under eyes, etc and we end up being distracted, unfocused, tired and moody.

Iconic Style Inc Self Care
Iconic Style Inc Self Care

Eating nutritious foods, exercising, getting enough sleep, cutting down on alcohol and bad foods and upping our water intake makes us feel better physically and mentally. Sometimes we need a break from technology and social media to clear our minds for a bit. Taking just an hour off of your phone before bed and after waking, can have positive effects on your sleeping habits and your productivity.

Self care is also thinking positive and speaking positively to yourself, believing in yourself and abilities and loving who you are unconditionally. Repeat some kind affirmations in the mirror and see how much better that makes you feel. How you treat yourself will set the stage on how others treat you!

"You can’t take care of anything or anyone if you don’t take care of yourself.” —Jen Sincero

Self care doesn't always have to be lavish or expensive. Take some time for yourself today and check out these self care ideas below.

Iconic Style Inc Self Care

Style Essentials

Fashion and beauty essentials have become a necessity in today’s world. With the growing demand for self-care, women want to buy products which are economical and beneficial. There are so many such products available in the market and at online stores. All you have to do is to decide the budget and order it. Hello, Amazon Prime!

The market today has diversified so much that you get a product for every need; from smallest to biggest. There are products which are easy life hacks. They have been designed to cater to your needs and ease your life. There are products for kitchen hacks, fashion hacks, makeup hacks, lifestyle hacks, you name it, and there is a product available for it. Let’s have a look at some of our favorites: 

1.       Makeup organizer+Wireless mobile charger:

This makeup organizer is an answer to the prayers of makeup artists and stylish women everywhere. You can put your makeup brushes, lipsticks, eyeliners, mascaras, lip gloss, glitters, hairpins in this organizer. The best part is, you can charge your phone through the wireless charging mount built on it. You don’t have to worry about the low battery while you are filming a makeup look or doing a quick makeup session. Put your phone on the charging mount and make your makeup accessories come in handy at the same time.

2.      Arose Beauty Rose Gold Luxury Brush Set:

This luxury makeup brush set contains 12 brushes to cater to the need of different makeup looks. It comes with a complimentary handbag which makes it easier to carry them while travelling without worrying. The brushes are in a beautiful rose gold colour. The hypoallergenic soft bristles are suitable for all skin types. Their touch is so soft and smooth. The handles on the brushes are labelled with the names according to their shapes and usage. These brushes are suitable for everyone; from beginners to professionals.

3.      Savage X Fenty Woman’s Short Robe:

This short robe for women is perfect to wear after a relaxing hot water bath. The ribbed fabric is soft enough to be comfortable and very good at absorbing. The robes come in three different colours; black, white and naked pink rose. It has an elastic waistband and side slits at the leg. It is mid-rise length. With a variety of sizes available, women can purchase it easily. Of course, we love this quality and luxury robe, it's from Rihanna's brand.

4.      Versace Bright Crystal 17 ounce mini:

Versace is one of the brands which symbolize women empowerment through their products, especially their perfumes. Versace bright crystal is just an example of such products. Its enchanting and articulate fragrance is for today’s strong women who are always charming, glamorous and sensual. The mini 17-ounce bottle is perfect for carrying all day long in your handbag, and you can refresh yourself anytime and anywhere. Versace bright is a mood lifter, and it gives an instant boost to your confidence and attitude. This floral and musky fragrance is a delightful addition in your perfume collection. 

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