Personal Finance Tips for Women

Personal Finance Tips for Women

Money may always be at the top of your mind, but how familiar are you with your finances? Creating and sticking to a budget is more than just tracking your income and expenses.  

By telling your money where to go, being clear on how much you are bringing in, tracking your bills, starting/growing a savings fund and tackling a debt payoff plan, you are taking control over your finances and allowing yourself to receive more income, opportunities, ideas and peace of mind about your money. 

We believe in financial freedom and security for women all over the world, and it starts with financial awareness. Your money mindset is important when it comes to how much money you earn and save. Check out some important finance tips and strategies you can start using today and download our Personal Finance Planner that will turn you into a Money Magnet.

5 Personal Finance Tips

  • Start an emergency savings fund of $1000. Then make it your goal to save at least 3-6 months of expenses. 
  • Create a budget to track your expenses. 
  • Pay off credit card debt in full monthly.
  • Save for retirement / invest in a 401k.
  • Track your net worth (assets vs. liabilities).
Bonus: Save 10% of your income.

The Ultimate Finance Planner

Build your financial portfolio and budget like a boss with this all in one resource for personal finance to track your bills, expenses, debt, money goals, savings, and much more.

In order to create financial awareness, save more money and know where your money goes, it is crucial to have a budget and track your expenses. Our digital planner includes everything you need to monitor your expenses, grow your savings, set financial goals and get rid of debt.

This planner includes Saving Challenges that can be used to start an emergency fund, save up for a new car, vacation, down payment for a new home or anything else that is important to you. 

Create goals for your money and get organized with your finances today because what you track and pay attention to, grows!


  • Monthly Budget
  • Monthly Bills Tracker
  • Expense Tracker
  • Money Goals
  • Saving Challenges
  • Financial Calendar
  • Yearly Overview
  • Debt Snowball
  • Debt Payment Planner
  • Debt Payment Tracker
  • Payoff Planner

Money Mindset

How to Develop a Money Mindset

  • Set money and finance goals. Be specific about how much money you want to earn by a certain timeframe and write it down. How will you earn this amount of money? Brainstorm ideas to take action on your goals.
  • Let go of limiting beliefs and negative thoughts about money. Most of our money beliefs and what we have been taught about money has came from our families, environment and upbringing. Money can be easy to earn if you believe it is. 
  • Watch your words about money. Money is currency and energy. When you speak of lack, what you can't afford and what you don't have, you attract more of those situations to you. 
  • Repeat money affirmations such as: I am allowing money to flow joyously into my life. I am abundant. I am wealthy. The more your mind hears these affirmations you speak, it believes them and you will start to see more money come into your life in different ways. 
  • Be grateful for what you have. Manage the money you have wisely. Give to others when you can. 
  • Read books about money mindset. Start with the bestseller Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. This book is the #1resource that have made millions of people rich. It focuses on mindset and the steps to take to earn the money you desire by thinking the right way. It all starts with your mind and beliefs when it comes to earning money. Click below to purchase this book. 

How to Start Investing with Stocks

What are stocks? Stocks are investments which mean you own a portion ( share ) of a company. Stocks can be a great way to start an investment journey. Investing in stocks is not complicated. Apps like Stash makes investing fun. Stash can help you build healthy money habits and achieve your financial goals. It is the best platform to invest in stocks easily and build your investment portfolio. You can start investing with as less as $10 and watch your money grow as you invest in your favorite companies and brands.

If you try it with my link and add cash, we’ll each get $20.

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