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Goal Setting Guide 

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How to start your Millionaire Morning Routine  

Wardrobe & Style Staples 
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Increase Your Confidence & Develop your Personal Brand

Learn the importance of Dressing for Success 
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  • Set Smart Goals with Goal Setting Worksheet 
  • How to Plan Your Morning & Evening Routines 
  • Three Keys to Success and Fulfilling Your Purpose
  • Iconic Closet Checklist 
  • Become more Mindful and Present in your Day
  • Create a Vision Board 

Dress for Success Book Signing, AtlantA, GA  October 2019

 Dress for Success: Elevate Your Lifestyle is your holistic blueprint for developing yourself. With a 360-degree approach to self-improvement, I’ve spent months distilling the professional tips, tricks and best practices that took me over a decade to master… and you can learn it all in just a few hours. 

Internally: You’ll cultivate an unshakeable, confident presence in every professional endeavor.

 You’ll harness your habits to work for you instead of against you. You’ll forge a dummy-proof game plan to align your finances and lay the foundation for an enviable future.

 And most importantly, you’ll discover how to set lofty, breathtaking goals... and internalize the 3 keys to crushing through them. 

Externally: You’ll reimagine and refine your personal brand in a way that feels authentic, persuasive and unique.

 You’ll modernize your wardrobe in a way that turns heads in a positive, professional way. 

You’ll get a litany of untold insider tips on where to shop and how to find insanely affordable deals.

 You’ll create a timeless yet simple “capsule wardrobe” so you NEVER have to stress about what to wear again for any occasion!   

About The Author

 Cydney McMillon is a teacher, troubleshooter and tech professional. She oversees IT for over 50 automobile dealerships and in a constant state of “ON” – so much so that she had to create her own rubric for success. If you’re short on time, motivation, or even money, Dress for Success: Elevate Your Lifestyle is an inspiring guide that will electrify you with motivation, declutter your life, and invigorate your personal brand.


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"Dress for Success was such an amazing resource to help me set my goals!"

by Gabrielle G.

"I am so happy that I found this book, it taught me about how mindset and image really affects success."

by S.J

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