7 Iconic Fashion Essentials for Spring

7 Iconic Fashion Essentials for Spring

Cydney McMillon
3 minute read

Spring is here and its time to blossom beautifully! Here at Iconic Style Inc, we love new trends for each season and we've gathered some fun fashion finds to help you spring forward in style!

Here are 7 Spring fashion essentials that are worth investing in from Amazon.


#1 A Chiffon Dress 

Classy and chic, a chiffon dress is always in vogue.  Silk chiffon dresses look stunning on their own in spring/summer yet layer very well in winter. A great buy regardless the season.

#2 A Leather Tote

No matter where you go, your timeless tote can carry it all and make a statement. A light color is perfect for the spring season. Make sure it is great quality that you would be proud to carry, year in, year out. 

#3 Black High Heel Pumps

High heel shoes never go out of style. Heels that are at least 3 inches high, change the way you walk. With these heels you sashay. Your walk becomes much sexier. Turn heads when you walk around in your stilettos. Perfect for the party, the office or a romantic date!

#4 Luxe Silk Robe

Perfect for lounging around the house, getting ready for a special event, or just doing your morning makeup routine.  A beautiful silk robe will make you feel fancy, pretty and luxurious.

#5 Diamond Stud Earrings

Whether you are going to a red carpet function, or entertaining a very special guest, diamond stud earrings would subtly light your face beautifully. Go for the real thing. Diamond stud earrings are timeless and go with just about any outfit. They are an investment that not only can last you for life, you can hand your earrings down to your grandchildren as a family heirloom. It is an investment that becomes your legacy. 

#6 Flattering Jeans

Not just any pair of jeans. Go for the quality denim jeans that will flatter your figure. Jeans that supermodels wear on their days off. There seem to be millions of brands where jeans are concerned, but a few stand out from the crowd. 

#7 Your signature perfume

Every girl should have a signature perfume that is her personal scent. Layer your perfume by using it in your shower, body moisturizer and spritzing a little on your pulse points after your shower. Get the matching bath products in your chosen fragrance.

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